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January 13, 2020

WRM Appoints Safety Manager, Renews Focus on Safety

Houston, TX – WRM has hired Michael Ritchie as safety manager for the entire company and tasked him with making the entire workplace safer for its employees. According to CEO Dwayne Clarke: “Safety is the number one fundamental of the WRM Way, the statement of our culture. We have always put emphasis on safety, but those gains have been incremental. We hired Michael so that we can make a quantum leap in safety. The last thing I want to do is call an employee’s family and tell them that mom or dad won’t come home tonight because of a workplace injury. Michael will insure that doesn’t happen.”

The focus on safety was driven, in part, by a recent fatality in the liquid waste business by a WRM competitor. Michael will begin by instituting field observations and auditing WRM’s processing a recycling facilities and mechanics shops for potential areas of lack of safety. Further, he will oversee DOT compliance by being intimately involved in WRM’s Preventative Maintenance Program for all vehicles.

“Reinforcement is the key to any safety program. If employees are allowed to work in an unsafe way without being corrected, they will assume that what they are doing is according to company procedure. By having a discussion with them when they are not acting safely, we can make sure that safety becomes an active part of their day.” WRM is a leader in the liquid waste transportation, processing, and recycling industry with operations in Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Illinois.